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Finn's Top Ten Spots to Stick Your Stickers!

Finn's Top Ten Spots to Stick Your Stickers!

Hey there, sticker aficionados! It's Finn, your friendly neighborhood sticker-loving pup/CEO, here to reveal my top ten favorite spots to stick those fabulous stickers you love so much. Let’s dig in!

Stick With Finn Stickers on Laptop

1. Laptops and Tablets:
Your trusty tech companions, laptops and tablets, serve as a perfect canvas for your sticker story. Whether it’s a MacBook, iPad, or other tablet, adorning them with stickers not only showcases your personality but also sets your devices apart in a sea of similar gadgets.

Consider the lid of your laptop for maximum visibility or even around the keyboard for a personal touch. Think about the themes that resonate with you – are you into motivational quotes, tech-themed designs, or maybe a bit of snarky humor? Choose stickers that reflect your style and interests, and don't be afraid to layer them for a dynamic look!

2. Water Bottles:
Water bottles travel with you humans everywhere – from the gym to the office, and even on hikes. What better way to make them uniquely yours than with waterproof stickers? Think about stickers that reflect your hobbies, like yoga, rock climbing, or cycling.

Finn and his water dish covered in stickers

The durability of my waterproof stickers means they can handle the wear and tear of daily life, and their placement on your water bottle ensures they catch the eye, sparking conversations and perhaps even a touch of sticker envy. You could go for a single statement sticker or create a collage that tells a story of your adventures (Like we did!)

3. Phone Cases:
In a world where almost every one of you guys have a phone (They'll make a dog-friendly phone someday...), decorating your phone case with stickers is like giving your phone a mini-makeover. Whether it's a clear case that shows off the color of your phone or a solid-colored one that makes the stickers pop, your phone is your personal billboard!. Consider stickers that speak to your interests, like your favorite bands, animals (like dogs, of course!), or even miniature versions of art pieces. This way, every time you pull out your phone, you're proudly showing off who you are!

4. Travel Luggage:
Your travel luggage is more than a container for your belongings – it's a travel companion, part of your journey's story. Stickers on your luggage not only help in quickly identifying your bag on the carousel but also share snippets of your personality and travels. Think about stickers from different places you’ve visited, or those that reflect your travel style – be it adventurous, luxurious, or laid-back. The stickers can serve as conversation starters at airports or simply as a visual diary of your globetrotting adventures.

Stick With Finn Stickers on skateboard
5. Skateboards and Helmets:
Decking out your gear in stickers can transform them from standard gear to symbols of your personal style. Whether you’re into bold graphics, reflective of the skate culture, or prefer something more understated yet equally impactful, your skateboard and helmet are your moving canvases. Think of how each sticker contributes to the overall aesthetic – do they tell a story of your skating journey, or are they simply designs that you feel connected to?

6. Car Bumpers:
When it comes to displaying your stickers, cars (or scooters, mopeds, or any other forms of transportation) offer a mobile showcase. Think about whether you prefer internal or external placements on your vehicle. Some might opt for a side window to catch the eyes of fellow drivers, while others may go for a bumper sticker for a more traditional approach. The type and size of the sticker can influence your choice of location. Are you looking to make a statement, support a cause, or simply share a bit of humor with fellow road-goers? Your car can be a reflection of your passions and beliefs, moving with you wherever you go.

7. Notebooks and Planners:
For the organized and the aspiring-to-be-organized, notebooks and planners are  repositories of your ideas, dreams, and plans. Embellishing them with stickers turns these everyday items into sources of inspiration and joy. Think about using stickers to mark important pages, denote different sections, or simply to add a splash of color and creativity to your daily planning. 

8. Guitar Cases:
For the music lovers and the melody makers, a guitar case is a treasure trove of musical journeys. Adorning it with stickers can be a tribute to your musical influences, favorite bands, or memorable concerts. Each sticker could represent a chord in the song of your life, creating a visual melody that speaks of your musical journey. Whether it’s a sticker from a local band you support or a vintage rock logo, let your guitar
case sing not just through its strings, but also through its appearance.

9. Fridge or Locker Doors:
The humble fridge or locker door is often overlooked, but it's actually a prime spot for sticker expression. It's like a personal billboard in your kitchen or hallway. Think about turning it into a collage of your favorite foods, memorable travel destinations, or just quirky, fun designs. Every time you reach for a snack or grab your books, these stickers can offer a quick smile or a moment of reminiscence. And for lockers, it’s a way to stand out in a sea of sameness, showing off your interests or simply brightening up the school day.

10. Bedroom Walls or Doors:
Your bedroom is your personal sanctuary, so why not make it a reflection of your personality with stickers? Create a focal point with a large, eye-catching sticker, or develop a theme that flows across the wall or door. From celestial patterns to forest scenes or even a collection of your favorite quotes, the stickers on your bedroom walls or door can transform the space into a visual representation of your inner world. It’s a place where you can be truly you, surrounded by the things you love.

Thanks for checking out my top ten pawsome places to stick your stickers! Always remember, wherever you decide to plant these little guys, choose a spot that makes your tail wag, sparks your inspiration, and gives you a bark of pride.

Wags and woofs,

🐾 Finn 🐾

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