Guest Artist Program

Join Stick With Finn's Guest Artist Program and transform your art into heartwarming stickers! We're seeking talented artists to bring unique, joyful designs to our collections. Collaborate with us and get featured, earn fair compensation, and support animal rescue organizations with your creativity.

Doodle For a Cause

Got a flair for the artsy and the adorable? We're scouting for tail-ented artists to feature their awesome artwork in our sticker collections.

Whether you're a master of cute caricatures or a wizard of bold, graphic designs, let's transform your art into stickers that stick in hearts and minds!

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Perks of Partnering

  • Spotlight on Our Social Media & Website: You'll be featured in a special post on our Instagram and on your collection page.
  • Fair Compensation: Because great art deserves more than just a round of appaws!
  • Supports Worthy Causes: Each collaboration contributes to various animal rights organizations!
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Art with Heart

We're committed to donating 10% of the sales from our Guest Artist Collection to animal rescue organizations. By joining us, your creativity can have a paw-sitive impact, supporting furry friends in need and spreading joy far and wide!

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