Sticker Care

Sticker Care 101 - Keep Your Stickers Sassy, Not Saggy

Sticker Care 101 - Keep Your Stickers Sassy, Not Saggy

Keep Your Stickers Sassy, Not Saggy

Hey there, sticker squad! It's Finn here, wagging with excitement to share some top-notch tips on keeping your Stick With Finn stickers in top tail-wagging condition. You've got an awesome collection, and I'm here to help you keep those stickers as sassy as they are snazzy.

Shield Them from the Sun

Let’s get straight to the point: sun and stickers are not best buds. Keep your stickers in a cool, dry place away from the sun's glaring rays. This helps prevent them from getting discolored fading.

Flat's Where It's At

Avoid the temptation to stack stickers on top of each other. Store them flat to keep them looking as good as the day they arrived. Think of it as giving your stickers a luxurious, horizontal life.

No Damp Doghouses

Humidity is a sticker's nemesis. If you happen to store them in a damp area—don't. Consider relocating them to a dry space or using an airtight container.

Chemical-Free Zone

Keep those nasty chemicals and cleaning agents away from your sticker stash. They can strip away the stickiness, and a non-sticky sticker is like a bone without flavor – no fun!

In short, if you’re a Stick With Finn aficionado, follow these Finn-approved tips to keep your collection as dazzling as ever. For more tricks (and maybe some treats), scamper over to our blog for everything Stick With Finn. Keep sticking with style, and thanks for taking me along on all your amazing adventures!

Wags and woofs,

🐾 Finn 🐾

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